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Date who you want to date - no exceptions brings together the most attractive, fit singles in the UK. Don't settle for second best, go out there and date who you want to date. believes you're entitled to the best, that's why we hold ourselves to one simple mantra.


We're dedicated on finding you the fittest, most exciting dates possible. Only with are you guaranteed fun and thrills with gorgeous singles interested in fitness.

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We caters to all relationship types, ensuring you find exactly what you're looking. Maybe you fancy a fun fling with a fit single or maybe you want that special genuine connection with someone you find attractive. If we believe you should #NeverSettle, why should you settle on what kind of relationship you want?

Our advanced search filtering features allow you to find singles that fit your specifications exactly. Not only are you guaranteed to meet thin, fit singles. You're also set to find the exact relationship you want. From lust to love, has helped people find it all. Isn't it your turn?

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Be confident, be bold, be a member of We cater exclusively to singles looking for fit, healthy and thin partners. No if's. No but's. If you fancy someone slender or if you're looking for a fellow fitness fanatic - you've come to the right place.

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Physical attraction is important. At we make sure your match meets all of your requirements, this includes personality, morals and looks. Be bold and get what you want, join

What's behind #NeverSettle

#NeverSettle is our number one consideration. With so many dating sites available, it can be difficult to find someone who matches with you exactly. Be bold and proudly say who you want to date, will do the rest.

We truly believe you deserve the best! Why should you settle for something that isn't going to make you happy? Try us out and you'll see what #NeverSettle really means.

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It's free to join Spare a couple of seconds out of your day to find the love of your life. It takes the same amount of time to Sign up to as it does to whip up a protein shake.

Date who you want to date caters exclusively to... you guessed it, thin and fit singles. Everyone has dating preferences, find someone who meets yours today.

Meet someone special near you With our advanced location features, you won't have to look far before you find a new "workout" partner

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