6 unusual exercises you need to be doing right now (you’re already doing number 4)

1. Cuban Press

Change up your dumbbell press. The Cuban Press starts in scarecrow position, hang your hands down and rotate and press. A super targeted move for fantastic shoulders.

2. Seated Good Morning

A simple move that is super popular with power lifters, get an amazing back by adding this into your routine.

3. Heel touches

No need for equipment here, just lay on the ground and touch your heels. This easy move is perfect for chiselled abs.

4. Squats

That’s right, you’re already doing squats in your day to day life without realising. Reaching for something int cupboard, petting a cat, it’s all squats. Be sure to keep your form strong during these and you’ll get super fit.

5. Handstand

A well committed handstand can have a hug impact on health. Work your core, shoulders, arms, back and improve balance all in one move. Perfect!

6. Renegade row

Not one for the faint of heart. A super movement for an amazing core and bulging shoulders. Try this movement either with low or high reps to tune the impact it will have on your body.

Images provided by workoutlabs.com

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