How to start meditation

Meditation is an ancient art but the impact and usefulness of it in the current status quo is impeccable. Living in the modern world can be incredibly hectic and it is almost always beneficial to take out a few minutes and eventually relieve the stress. Meditation helps us understand our inner selves and it assists in calming our mind and making us focused. So, how does one start meditation?

First, sit down. Even though walking and standing meditation are a form too, sitting meditation is the most common and most effective method.

Use a timer instead of a clock. The reason for this is that a clock can distract you while a timer will inform you when your time has elapsed. Meditating for roughly 10-15 minutes a day is much more effective than meditating for; let’s say two hours a week. If you are new to this, start small, so that you don’t get frustrated rather than relaxed.

Always meditate in a quiet place. Lock yourself up in the quietest room of the house, you need to be at rest, no disturbances, remember, meditation is so you can relieve yourself of the worldly stress. Your mind will wander off. Be easy on yourself, make sure you don’t get flustered, and be gentle and calm as to bring back your attention.

While meditating keep your back straight. Your posture is the most important aspect of the entire activity. Bend your head slightly downwards as to relax your neck, keep in mind your back should still be straight. This is the most important thing and I can only repeat it as many times that you need to keep a posture that is both upright and comfortable.

Your legs can be crossed in any way you deem appropriate. They should preferably be in a vajra posture. This posture can enable us to reduce the thoughts and feelings of attachment to our desires. You should neither completely close nor extensively open your eyes; they should remain in a half gaze, concentrating in the line of the nose. Eyes that are too widely open can be a cause of mental excitement and mental sinking can be a cause of completely closed eyes.

Make sure you are aware of your surroundings and that you recall all the distractions that are filled up in your mind. Now you are ready to start meditating. Breathe out, and imagine that you are releasing all your worries in form of black smoke. Breathe in and imagine that you are taking in all of the white light that brightens our soul and relieves us of all of our problems.

So now, your mind is like a white piece of fabric, clean of all the stress that the world has implanted on to you. Your mind will be free from all psychological anxiety. Eventually, if you practice this art regularly you will be able to achieve happiness in the most difficult of circumstances.


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